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How Does The ATS Integration Associate A Placement To A Recruiter?
How Does The ATS Integration Associate A Placement To A Recruiter?

Find out which field we use in your ATS to identify the placement owner

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To save you and your team's time, we offer the ability to automate the collection of reviews via your ATS.

On Sourcr, every review is tied to a placement, so we'll identify the placement owner and request the reviews on behalf of that recruiter.

For this reason it's important to know which field we use on your ATS to identify the placement owner.

Every ATS is set up slightly differently so the field can vary by ATS. The below states which field is used for each ATS

JobAdder - "Job Owner"

Bullhorn - "Placement Owner"

Vincere - "Job Owner"

Frequently Asked Questions

My agency doesn't put the placement owner in the field listed above, can you change it for me?

No, unfortunately we're unable to customise the field by agency. The above were chosen based on extensive consultation with the ATS development teams and current customers and are best practice. We recommend using the fields as intended. If this is not possible for your agency, we recommend collecting reviews without the ATS integration (read more here).

The client and candidate owner were different recruiters, how does the integration work in this case?

Unfortunately there is no way to map the candidate owner if it is different to the client owner. In this situation we recommend the client owner logs in to Sourcr within the 48 hour window (read more about this here) and changes the candidate owner.

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