How Can I Collect Reviews Manually?

There are two ways you can manually request reviews within and outside of Sourcr. Learn more...

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Method 1: Send a review request by creating a new placement

You can create a new placement and include employer and candidate email for the review invites to be sent.

Note: All placement data is used to verify the reviews to avoid fakes.

Step 1: From the REVIEW page you may click on Get Reviews then Create a New Placement:

Or from your PLACEMENT page you can select:

Step 2: Complete the form presented

Placement history is visible to clients and candidates to help prove your value in given markets. We’ve created this in a way that protects your data but promotes your sales ability.

You an also tick if you want either the Employer, Candidate or both to receive a review request.

Once completed review requests will be sent to the client and candidate!

Method 2: Send a review request by sharing your unique link

Each recruiter with a profile has their own unique link they can use in their communications with employers and candidates. 

Step 1: Your 'Unique Link' can be found easily on your Reviews page as seen below.

By clicking Copy Review Link, you can copy and paste it into your comms, including sending it via email to quickly request a review during the conversation with an employer/candidate.

Step 2: Sending your link - The link contains a review form that is mobile responsive so clients and candidates can easily complete on the go.

See an example candidate & review review form here.

A few creative examples of ways to use unique links:

  • In your thank you emails after placements

  • Send by SMS along with congratulations (HIGHEST RESPONSE)

  • Send after a check-in call

  • A conversation starter for old clients you're looking to re-engage

  • Post in your bio on your social media pages

  • Add to your email signature

STEP 3: As with all reviews, 'Unique Link' returned reviews must be attached to a placement for verification purposes.

Once your review is returned you can check it through the 'Reviews' page under the Missing Verification column. From the menu on the left hand-side of your screen, click the reviews tab as shown below.

Click on Verify under the candidate name and choose to either select a placement you wish to assign your review to and connect it, or add a new placement.

And you're all done! Once either action is done the review and placement data will be made visible on the recruiter's public profile.

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