Sharing your Sourcr profile through multiple channels puts you in the best position to increase your revenue - below are a few ideas on how you can use your profile and capability statement creatively!

Email Signature

You can add the link to your profile on your email signature and increase your chance of replies by allowing prospects to view your successes with just a click.

Learn here how you can add this in no time at all.

Attach to proposals

You can include your capability statement when pushing proposals to employers, using your profile to add social proof with verified data to support your pitch.

You can include a link to your Sourcr profile right at the top of your LinkedIn page in the Featured section. This helps prospects easily view your verified reviews and goes a long way to powering your personal brand.

You can learn here how to add this to your profile in just a minute!

Share reviews on your personal and company LinkedIn channels

You can also share professional branded reviews on your LinkedIn feed to help drive trust in your capabilities. Through clicking on your post, the prospect will be diverted to your Sourcr profile.

Learn how you can do this here.

Include your profile in Job Adverts

Finding the perfect candidate is difficult, so why not give yourself the best possible chances to secure their commitment to working with you. Including your profile on job adverts will increase chances of a candidate response by assuring them of your specialist capabilities.

Learn how to add your unique profile URL to SEEK job ads here.

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