There is no quicker way for a prospective client to verify your capabilities than to use Sourcr - so why not add Sourcr to your email signature? 

Just follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Save the image below to your computer.

Step 2: Open your email settings using your settings tab, during this walkthrough we are using Gmail however the process is the same regardless of email software.

Step 3: Once on your settings page, scroll down to your email signature settings section as per below. Once at your email signature, click the  'add image' button which is highlighted in red to add your Sourcr image to your signature.

Step 4: Once you have added the image and it has appeared on your signature, just click the image to highlight and then select the 'add link' button as shown below.

Step 5: Once you click the 'add link' icon, you will be asked to include the link to YOUR Sourcr profile, as shown below.

Step 6: Once you've entered your profile address click 'OK'. Then you're all done! Clients and Candidates can click the image to produce a link to take them directly to your Sourcr profile where they can verify your capabilities. 

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