If you're active on LinkedIn, clients and candidates are likely to be looking at your LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile is a great summary of you, but it doesn't show your true capability as a recruiter.

Adding your Sourcr profile to your LinkedIn profile will help you stand out to prospective clients and candidates.

To add a Sourcr profile:

1) Go to your LinkedIn profile

2) Click the 'Add profile section' blue button to the right of your profile photo

3) Click Featured

4) Select 'Links'

5) Go to your Sourcr profile and copy the URL from the address bar

6) Paste the link into your LinkedIn featured section and press 'add'

7) IMPORTANT NOTE: So the number of reviews does not remain static. Changed the description on upload to. "Check out my reviews on Sourcr

Note: when you add the link it will display the default google image in the preview. When you confirm and add to your profile, the correct image will generate as you can see in the image below.

What your new featured section will look like

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