How Do I Request Reviews?

Learn the ways to request reviews from your clients and candidates...

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Collecting reviews from employers and candidates is the most powerful marketing tool; with your Sourcr profile you’re able to boost your credibility and win new business over your competitors.

97% of consumers check the digital footprint of a service provider before engaging, so how better to demonstrate your capabilities than with third party vetted reviews?

Requesting a review is easy and can be done automatically or manually.

Automated Review Requests

The best way to collect reviews on Sourcr is through automation, allowing you to receive feedback while you focus on making placements.

By connecting your ATS you will have your placements imported within 24 hours of creating it on your ATS. Review requests will then be sent automatically 48 hours later, unless you actively opt not to send.

See how to set up and manage automated review requests here.

Manual Review Requests

Method 1: Send a review request by creating a new placement

Manually create a new placement, complete the info (including client and candidate email) and review requests will be sent.

See how to do this here.

Method 2: Send a review request by sharing your unique link

You can also manually request reviews through your 'Unique Link', which you can use in your communications with employers and candidates.

See more on how to send manual review requests here.

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