Why are reviews important?

87% of customers these days trust third party vetted reviews over peer recommendations. The modern customer demands comparison, reviews and choice and it’s important to keep up with this to remain ahead of the curve!

Collecting reviews from employers and candidates and  them acts as the most powerful marketing tool and using your Sourcr profile you’re able to use this to boost your digital footprint’s credibility and win new business over your competitors.

97% of consumers check the digital footprint of a service provider before engaging, so how better can you demonstrate your capabilities that through third party vetted reviews, right?

How to request reviews?

Requesting a review is easy and can be done three different ways.

1 - Automated Review Requests

The best way to collect reviews on Sourcr is through automation, allowing you to receive fantastic feedback while you focus on making great placements.

To do this see the article: https://help.sourcr.com/en/articles/3526539-how-do-i-collect-reviews-using-my-ats

By connecting your ATS you will have your placements imported within 24 hours of confirming it on your ATS. Here the placements will be sent for review automatically 48 hours later should you have 'ATS Auto Review Requests' toggled ON.

Having your 'Auto Review Request' toggled ON is highly recommended and is a big difference in providing you with high conversion of reviews sent to reviews returned.

Should you wish to have 'Auto Review Request' toggled OFF, your placements will be imported and be listed in the 'INCOMPLETE' tab of your 'Placement' page. Here you can review which placements you wish to review and by clicking in and completing any required info, and clicking 'Save', you will have sent that placement for review.

2 - Manual Review Requests

Step 1: Navigate to the placements page and click the New Placement button as below

Step 2: For verification purposes, every review is tied to a placement. By clicking 'ADD A NEW PLACEMENT' as seen above you can manually collect reviews.

This will bring up a data field where you can input the placement info in order to review your good work.

Step 3: Now it’s time to input the client's details to request the review.

You can request the client to show the company name on the review, this would be displayed as “Chris @ Sourcr” on the review.  We encourage you to request this as it adds much more credibility to the review, which helps boost your profile. Their email address and last name will always remain private.

NOTE: You can also have control over whether you wish to request either the client or candidate review or both, however the info for both parties needs to be included for verification purposes.

This choice can be made using the blue tick box beside 'GET EMPLOYER REVIEW', and similarly beside 'GET CANDIDATE REVIEW' in the next segment.

Requesting a review is personal and it's best done with a personal touch. We recommend you give it a personal touch by leaving a personalised message with the request!

Step 4: Last but not least is the candidate review request.

As per the client review segment you can choose whether or not you wish to request the review. However, similarly to above it must still be completed with the candidate info for verification purposes.

Again here email and last name are kept private. Also, don’t forget to request with a personal touch!

Step 5: Once you hit 'Save' this will trigger the review request email to the employer and candidate unless you have 'unticked' the blue box to not request either review.

All pending reviews can be seen in the review tab for you to keep track of and send gentle reminders when needed!

As well as requesting reviews through the Manual and automated options as above, you can also request reviews through your 'Unique Link' which feeds back to your account.

Your 'Unique Link' can be found easily on your Reviews page as seen below.

By clicking the copy symbol to the right of the link you can copy and paste it simply into your comms, including sending it via email with ease to quickly request a review during the conversation with a client/candidate.

This gives you full control over your review requests where you can send a review request template when required without having to add a placement first.

NOTE: As with all reviews, 'Unique Link' returned reviews must also be tied to a placement for verification purposes. Once your review is returned you can verify it through the 'Reviews' page as shown below.

By clicking 'Verify' you will be presented with a pop-up box that will allow you to add the review to a current placement in your account or to create a new placement. You can see this shown below.

By selecting the correct placement and collecting 'CONNECT PLACEMENT' you're done! Alternatively, click 'ADD NEW' to add your placement details. By filling in the remaining required info and clicking 'Save' you're done!

Alternatively, you can find info here: https://help.sourcr.com/en/articles/3526510-how-do-i-collect-reviews-using-my-unique-link

Congratulations! Now you just have to wait for the reviews to come in, and start building your profile. 

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