You should send this email to your recruiters once you have connected your ATS.

Hi Team,

Now we’ve connected Sourcr and [INSERT ATS], within the next 24 hours your last 6 months of placements will be visible in Sourcr. For these historic placements automatic review requests won’t be sent, and you will have control over who you wish to send reviews to.

To do this, log in to Sourcr and visit the “Placements” tab, from here you will see a list of placements in the “Incomplete/Invite needed” tabs. By hitting “Edit” you can review the placement information and send the reviews for the ones you wish to. Saving changes will auto fire the review invites. You can watch a video of exactly how to do this here.

For older placements it’s recommended you give the client and candidate a call to let them know a review request is on its way to maximise your chance of a response. It’s also a great way to re-engage your clients and candidates and gives a reason to call. If you have any other older placements you wish to collect reviews for you can still do this in minutes from your profile. Here's a help guide to show you how.


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