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Best Practice To Get More Reviews
Best Practice To Get More Reviews

To increase the likelihood of receiving a review, follow these tips...

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There are a number of ways to maximise the amount of reviews you receive from clients and candidates. Here are a few tips that you can build into your process to ensure you get more of those awesome reviews.

Tip 1: Mention it at the point of placement

The best way to ensure your client and candidate return their review request email with awesome feedback is to let them know to expect it. When confirming your placement, let both parties know to expect a short email from Sourcr to review your work.

This way you can heavily increase your review conversion and maximise your returns.

Tip 2: Personalise Your Review Request Template

Recruiters can add additional messages to candidates and employers when editing their requests in the placement section. Learn more on how to add additional messages to your requests here.

Admins can personalise the review request template to include copy reflective of the agency's brand. A personal approach can go a long way to returning a review. Learn more on how to customise your review request template through the link here.

Tip 3: Follow Up Calls

Reviews are a fantastic way to engage/reengage your clients or candidates, giving you a legitimate reason to give them a call. A quick chat over the phone to follow up your review request more often leads to a swiftly returned review - try it!

Tip 4: Use Your Unique Link

Every Sourcr profile has their own 'Unique Link' which directs a client/candidate straight to leave a review on that recruiter's account. A simple way to increase your review conversion to include this link in a follow-up email and to save your reviewer having to search through their inbox.

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