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How do I Edit Placements And Review Requests?
How do I Edit Placements And Review Requests?

Make changes to your placements and requests before they are sent out to Candidates and Employers automatically

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Once your Sourcr account is connected with your ATS, placements you make will transfer across into your Sourcr account. You will have two business days to make any adjustments to your requests before they're sent out automatically.

To see which reviews are due to be sent out, go to the Reviews tab and check out the 'Invite Scheduled' column. You'll see how long you have left to make adjustments before the requests are sent out.

If you see the name of someone that you do not wish to send a request to, go to the Placements tab, find the relevant placement and hit 'Edit & Publish'. If you do not wish to send a request to both candidate and employer, simply select the dustbin icon next to the publish option.

Once you are in the edit section, you can deselect either 'Get Employer Review' or 'Get Candidate Review'. If you're making any changes and the placement status says 'missing information', you'll be prompted to complete the top part of the placement before saving your changes at the bottom of the page.

Additionally, all text fields are editable so you can update a name and/or email address should the information in your ATS not be accurate. You can also add an optional message to the employer and/or candidate to make your request more personable.

Under the 'Get Employer Review' section, you can request to showcase company name on review. This can be approved by the employer when they are invited to leave a review.

Once you're happy with all changes made and you've updated any missing information at the top of the page under 'Placement Details', select 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the page and we'll automatically send this out for you once the two business days' have passed.


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