Once you are logged into your Sourcr account, head to the Reviews tab and select 'Add existing'.

This will then display a pop up screen with a form to complete regarding the testimonial you would like to add, this usually takes around 3 minutes to complete. Once completed the form is submitted to the system and is added to Sourcr profiles on a weekly basis, every Friday.

*Please note -

Third party testimonials remain as unverified within the Sourcr platform, this means:

  • There are no ratings for Third Party testimonials

  • Your public profile will disclose these testimonials are not from Sourcr

  • A recruiter/agency's overall review count & rating will display only Sourcr review ratings and count and do not include Third Party testimonials.

  • Third Party testimonials will display under the 'Less Than 4 Stars' section in your account to give you an overview of all your Third Party testimonials

  • Unverified testimonials will not be considered towards the Sourcr awards.

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