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What Happens When My Review Requests Are Automated?
What Happens When My Review Requests Are Automated?

With automated review collection you can ensure timely invites are sent at the perfect moment. Learn more...

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Connecting your ATS is a great way to reduce admin and create consistency in your review collection. With automated review collection you can ensure timely invites are sent at the perfect moment, when both are still flying high from the new placement.

Stats show response rate increases by over 100% if sent within 48 hours after placement.

NOTE: Only admins can integrate to your ATS, so speak to them about getting this set up.

Just after your ATS has been connected

Once successfully connected your ATS will import your placement from the last 12 months. These will be displayed in the REVIEWS tab under 'INVITE NOT SENT'.

Sourcr will automatically send invites for the last 3 months of past placements - 5 business days after ATS integration takes place.

You can action invites for the remaining placements or delete the ones you don’t want to request reviews for.

Auto-Reviews on an ongoing basis

For all future placements created within your ATS:

When we receive a new placement we'll notify you that we are due to send the review requests in 2 business days' time. If you would like to change the client or candidate owner, update the job title, stop a client or candidate review from being sent or change any other information:

  1. Go to 'Placements'

  2. Find the placement and click edit

  3. Press save to send the request with the updated details

This gives you complete control over which reviews are requested and what information is on the review request, while reducing the admin of capturing reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions about the ATS integration

Why do you import the previous 12 months of placements?

Most recruiters want to get their profiles filled with reviews and placements quickly so the best way to do this is with previous placements. To save you time from adding each placement and reviewer details manually, we import them. If there are any you don't want to collect you can simply delete the placement.

Will you send review requests automatically to my last 12 months' placements?

Our process is automated to send out review requests for the last 3 months' placements, 5 business days after ATS integration. The remaining 9 months are on the admin/recruiter to action and decide upon. If you do not want to send review requests for any of the past placements, you can go to the 'Placements' tab and delete them.

How do I send the review requests to my last 12 months' placements?

Go to the 'Placements' tab and go to All Placement Status and select Invite needed. Click 'Edit' next to the placement and complete any missing information. When you press 'save' it will send the review requests.

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