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How to Edit Past Placements

Manage your past placements in Sourcr post integration, and control who gets review requests.

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Sourcr imports the last 12 months' worth of placements when you integrate with JobAdder, Bullhorn and Vincere for the first time. This gives you a head start on the review collection process.

10 business days after integration, we will automatically send review requests out to candidates and clients for the last 6 months.

You can go and edit the placements in the 10 day period to control who receives the review requests. If you don't want to request reviews from either the candidate or the client, simply click on ‘Publish’ next to the placement; you will have the option of unticking the person you do not wish to request reviews from.

If there’s a placement where you do not want to request feedback from both the employer and the candidate, simply click on the ‘bin’ icon to delete this placement from your profile.

If you want to request reviews for longer than the last 6 months' worth of placements, please let our Sales team know and we can increase the time frame to 9 or 12 months per your preference.

If you want to send out review requests for the remaining placements yourself, simply navigate to Reviews tab, select 'Bulk Invite' next to the 'Invite Not Sent' column as per the screenshot below -

You can select as many review requests as you want and click on 'Send Invite' per below to send multiple review requests out to candidates & clients -

We strongly encourage you to follow our best practices guidelines here to ensure you are maximising your review collection!

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