You can display your Sourcr profile live on your SEEK job ads. This provides a more positive impact on candidate applications and can invoke:

  • Greater trust in the legitimacy of the advert and the recruiter

  • Candidates contacting recruiters for more information rather than abandoning their application

  • Clients contacting recruiters to support new hires

Here's an example of what it will look like:

Displaying your reviews

To display your profile on SEEK, you'll need to add a short code to the bottom of your job advert content. SEEK uses this to identify you and display the profile.

How to get your code

Half way down your Sourcr home page, there is a blue banner with your individual unique slug code. Simply type this in the body of your SEEK advert and the banner will appear at the bottom of your advert.

The code will consist of "#SCR-" + "your unique slug" at the end of your public profile URN

For example if your profile url is
The code will look like this:


Please note! - Slug codes are updated on a weekly basis (Tuesday) and you are required to have at least five reviews for the feature to work. For example, if you receive your fifth review on a Wednesday, you will be able to start using the slug code from the following Tuesday onwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Sourcr plans have access to this solution?

All Sourcr plans have access to the SEEK integration. As part of SEEK's acquisition of Sourcr, all SEEK customers can now access the Pro plan for free. Contact if you want access.

2. I want to get the codes for all recruiters in our agency, how do I do that?

Contact and we can provide you with a list for your agency.

3. Someone else in my team didn't receive a code, how do they get one?

Your profile will only display on SEEK if you have a minimum of 5 reviews on Sourcr. Those who do not have five reviews will not be able to display their profile on SEEK.

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