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How Do I Hide The Company Name from Reviews?
How Do I Hide The Company Name from Reviews?
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We get it. Sometimes there is sensitivity involved in publicizing certain companies you may work with. So we've added an extra step to give you even more control and visibility over which reviews are anonymized or not.

If you're collecting reviews manually in Sourcr, you can select to hide the company name when filling out the placement form (like below).

When the employer receives the review request, they also have the ability to choose whether they wish the company name to be public too.

However, don't worry. If you missed this the first time around on your reviews page you can see a list of all your reviews received from the employer. And with the "Eye" icon next to the employer name, you can choose to hide/show this publicly (see below)

This gives you full visibility and control over company information displayed on reviews and is also used in social sharing templates.

Good luck!

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