NPS (Net Promotor Score) is the world's go-to framework for measuring customer experience and has become the most commonly used metric across the industry.

Setting up your Sourcr Net Promotor Score Campaign is easy and can be completed in just a couple of minutes, allowing you segmented, tailored reporting which offers a full overview of your customer satisfaction levels.

Customise your NPS Template

Step 1: From your dashboard, navigate to the Net Promotor Score page from the options menu on the left hand-side of your page.

Step 2: Once you're on your NPS page you will have access to various tools and options, this includes customising your NPS template. This is what the recipients will receive once they are included in a campaign.

To customise your NPS template simply click on the 'Customise' tab at the top of your screen.

What you will now see is the template page, allowing you to change the agency text, colours, and images to reflect your own branding.

At the bottom of the template, you can also customise your 'Thank You' messages for Promotor, Passive, and Detractor responses.

This also includes being able to request Google Reviews for positive responses (with the text fully customisable) through the pink toggle in the image above.

Collecting Google reviews are a fantastic and proven way to help grow your brand and goes a long way to helping to promote stronger SEO and online reputation,

If you have not yet connected your Sourcr account to your Google My Business account you can do this simply using the help centre article below.

Setting up your NPS Campaign

For JobAdder users, you can automate your NPS campaigns through our JobAdder integration and by clicking the 'Configure JobAdder' button at the top right of your screen.

You can. complete this setup by using our support article through the link below.

For all other users, you can set up your NPS Campaign by following the steps below :)

Setting up your NPS Campaign - Non-JobAdder users

By navigating back your campaigns tab, you can now begin to set up your NPS Campaign.

This is where you can create and manage campaigns on behalf of your agency, including current campaigns, campaign responses and NPS requests that have been sent out.

Step 1: To set up a new campaign, click on the 'New Campaign' button as seen below.

Here you will have two options of campaigns you can create, a 'Link Campaign' and a 'Email List Campaign'.

  • A Link Campaign will provide you with a unique link you can include in your outbound comms and send to candidates or clients to measure your NPS.

  • An Email List Campaign allows you to bulk upload a csv file where we automatically send out NPS requests to the provided contacts.

Now that you're ready to set up your campaign you'll need to complete a few steps to get set up!

  • 1) choose a title to reflect what recruitment outcome you're looking to measure the experience of.

  • 2) Next choose which campaign you're looking to use - both options stated above previously - Link or Email List Campaigns

  • 3) Select whether the focus of your campaign will be candidates or employers

  • 4) Select the recruitment outcome you are looking to measure, as per below

NOTE: If you're using an Email List Campaign you will have to fill in the following fields - Number of reminders you wish to send and a start/end date for your campaign.

You will then need to upload your email list with the recipients you wish to include in your NPS campaign.

Once you have completed all the required fields, simply click 'Finish' in the bottom right corner and you're done!

You'll be able to manage your campaign through the Campaigns Tab as seen below, where you can edit, add further recipients to the campaign (If it's an Email List Upload), and pause/delete any campaign,

You will also be able to manage your responses too using the Response tab. Here you manage and segment all returned NPS scores including detractors who you can quickly reply to or contact in order to manage a negative experience before it can effect your business.

Taking the step to collect and measure your Net Promotor Score is a key step in growing your business and gives you an accurate insight into how your business and your consultants are perceived in the market.

For any additional support feel free to contact the Sourcr team through the chat box located in the bottom right corner of your screen and a member of the team will be in touch with you.

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