NetPromoterScore has become the world's go-to framework for measuring customer experience and is quickly becoming the industry standard for recruitment agencies looking to grow their revenue.

By including this metric in your day-to-day processes, you can get detailed and segmented insights into how your agency and your team members are performing.

Setting up your NPS is easy and can be done in just a couple of minutes! This will allow you to collect NPS data on any-and-all outcomes from your recruitment process, giving you a full overview of your business performance.

NPS Template Customisation

The first step in configuring your NPS is to customise your template.

This is what your clients and candidates will receive on your behalf and is fully customisable to reflect your brand.

Here you can change the text, images, and colours to reflect your brand message. This also includes the 'Thank you messages' the recipient receives on successful completion of the form.

If you have your Google My Business account connected with your Sourcr account, you can also encourage promotors to also leave feedback for you there with just a couple of clicks!

If you haven't connected your Sourcr account to your Google My Business account, you can do that easily using the article link below!

Connecting your Google My Business account to your Sourcr account helps drive stronger SEO and encourages positive Google reviews :)

Configuring your NPS for JobAdder

Firstly, from your Sourcr account navigate to the 'Net Promotor Score' page from your options bar on the left-hand side of your screen.

From here, click on 'Jabber Integration' on the top right hand of the page.

What you will now see if a pop-up window with a variety of options available to select.

The options presented represent the settings used in YOUR JobAdder account - all are closed statuses that reflect recruitment outcomes from your processes.

Here you can select the outcomes you wish to track your NetPromotorScore on. You can also choose how often automated reminders are sent, delays in sending the NPS form, or how often you would like to send NPS requests.

If a status you wish to select is not visible, check that the status is flagged as a closed status in your JobAdder account.

NOTE: Do not select placed statuses for candidates or clients as we capture these for you automatically through our review form.

You will also notice that you have both Candidate and Employer Settings - this gives you control over each aspect of the recruitment process. You can control how often you send reminders, how long your delay is in sending the survey and how many you send in a given period.

Blocked Triggers

On your Candidate Settings section, you will see you have access to block triggers. As candidates move through various stages of the recruitment process you won't want to measure your NPS on each stage or process point. By selecting which triggers you wish to block you can ensure you are only collecting candidate NPS at key process points important to you - see the example below.

Once you make your selections and you're happy with the process you've set out, simply save and 'Confirm' as you see below to put your campaigns into process.

Analytics & Insights

Once your campaigns are live, you can review the returned data on your 'Analytics' page.

This is live and dynamic, updating with returned data in real-time. You can also review your data and insights in segmented formats, giving you full oversight of your customer experience across all aspects of your business.

This includes being able to segment your outcomes by location, consultant, job categories or individual processes - allowing you to benchmark your business and your consultants against the market to get a clear and detailed picture of where you stand within the industry.

You can also track your insights to identify weaknesses within the business, or with any facet of a consultants performance, allowing you to take action where required and importantly, before it impacts your business.

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