Connecting your Sourcr account to your Bullhorn account is easy and can be completed with just a few steps.

Step 1

To begin your integration, you will need to contact Bullhorn customer support in order to request your API Keys. The API keys are essential to completing your ATS integration with Sourcr.

Please see below for relevant contact information for Bullhorn:

- Bullhorn Support Australia +61 28 073 5089

- Bullhorn Support UK +44 800 032 2848

- Bullhorn Support International 617-478-9131

Alternatively you can find further contact information through the link below:

Once you make contact with Bullhorn Support they will move the process to email to make the passing of information quicker and easier.

Step 2

Once you're in contact with Bullhorn support, they will begin asking you for some information.

If you are asked if we will be using REST or SOAP; we will be using REST.

On confirmation of this, Bullhorn representatives will request 'Redirect URL's. You can find these below and will be required to send them to your Bullhorn representative via email.

Additionally, you may also be requested to provide a 'Terms of Service', and if so you can find the required link below:

Step 3

IMPORTANT: Before completing this step you must log out of all Bullhorn applications. You must then open a private/incognito window and log in to Sourcr to complete the integration.

On success with Bullhorn, you will be provided with a new set of credentials via email which will include the following:

- Client ID

- Client Secret

These will be used to complete your integration through Sourcr.

*If you are provided with an API Username and API Password in addition to this, please see the NOTE at the end of the article to learn how to proceed during the final sign in step.

You can now go to Sourcr and log into your account as normal. By going to the placement page you will find 'Connect to ATS' on the top right of the page.

On clicking this you will be greeted by a pop-up, asking you to choose your ATS. By selecting 'Bullhorn' (in the centre) you will receive a further pop-up asking you to 'Connect'.

On clicking 'Connect' you will receive the following log-in field. Here you will be required to enter your new credentials provided by Bullhorn.

Upon entering your new credentials, you will be brought through to Bullhorn where you will be required to sign-in as you usually would using your normal username and password*. On success you will directed back to Sourcr - and you're finished!

Your Sourcr-Bullhorn integration is complete, you can now seamlessly begin generating reviews, insights and performance data for yourself and the wider team.


On receiving your new credentials from Bullhorn, you may also receive an:

- API Username

- API Password: You will need to generate a password

In this case you will be required to generate a new password and use that, along with the provided API Username, when logging into your Bullhorn account during the very last step before completion.

To generate your API Password, please follow the 3 steps below:

1 - Log into Bullhorn and navigate to Menu > Tools > Users

2 - Locate the API Username in your user list, this was provided by Bullhorn with your integration credentials, and open the user record

3 - Generate a new password for the user

Now that you have your API Password, use this along with the API Username to log into Bullhorn during the last step.

If you have any issues at all during your integration, or have any questions, please contact the Sourcr Team through the support function provided on or through your Sourcr Profile.

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