How Do I Connect To Vincere?

Learn how to integrate Vincere with Sourcr

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Vincere Setup

For Sourcr to connect with the Vincere API you will need to be an admin both on Sourcr and on Vincere.

NOTE: We have experienced issues when using the Safari web browser so would recommend using another browser.

1) From the quick start guide, click "Connect to ATS"

2) Select Vincere

3) Enter your subdomain for Vincere

4) Sign in

That's it! You're connected. You can now automate the collection of reviews and placements.

We'll also import your last 6 months of placements from Vincere in 24 hours so that you can start requesting reviews from past placements. Note: even if you have auto reviews turned on, we won't automatically request them for you past placements. You can select which to request and which to delete. You can watch a video on exactly how this works here.

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