You can share your profile through a number of channels:

  • On your personal and company Linkedin channels you can share polished, professional and branded reviews to help drive trust in your capabilities. Through clicking on your post, the prospect will be diverted to your Sourcr profile. See the link here to learn how you can do this.

  • Adding Sourcr to your Linkedin Profile helps prospects quickly and easily view your verified reviews, and goes a long way to powering your personal brand. You can learn here how to add this to your profile in just a minute!

  • Add Sourcr to your Email Signature to allow prospects easy access to your reviews when engaging in communications. You can learn here how you can add this in no time at all.

  • Include your unique Profile URL in your Job Adverts to allow candidates quick access to verify your capabilities and ensure you're the right recruitment professional to engage and work with. Similarly, you can include your unique Sourcr URL anywhere your brand can be found online to ensure your brand is synonymous with fantastic feedback and positivity.

And clients will always be able to find you at

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