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When Do I Ask For A Review?
When Do I Ask For A Review?

Find out the best time to request a review if sending manually.

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If you have automated review collection set up, review requests will automatically go out 48 hours after a placement has been made.

If you would like send out a review request manually (e.g. with your unique link), here are some tips on how to get the best reviews from both candidates and employers.

  • The best time to request a review is at the point of placement.

  • Use the point of placement as a chance to make both the employer and candidate aware that they will receive a review request and that a quick reply would be very appreciated. 

  • If you didn't get the chance to discuss a review request during the point of placement then you can work the question into your aftercare at the earliest convenience.

  • It is highly advised to speak to the employer/candidate prior to sending the review request to ensure a strong response rate.

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