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What Happens If I Move Agencies?
What Happens If I Move Agencies?

Find out what happens to your profile if you move agencies. Learn more...

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Moving on from time to time is expected and you don’t have to worry about setting up a new profile every time.

When you move agencies your profile data moves with you; which means all your good work and reviews follow you to your new agency.

Can my old agency delete my profile?

No, your old agency can remove you from their team but your profile will still remain.

Which agency page will show my past placements and reviews?

Good Question!

Your reviews will no longer be visible on your old agency’s profile, nor will they show on your new agency’s profile.

Placement data will remain with the old agency, and will not transfer to the new agency.

How to change your agency

Step 1: Log in to your profile and on the edit profile tab you can see your old agency’s name on the left side. Click on it to change.

Step 2: Search for your new agency on the search tab and select.

Note: If you cannot find your agency name, please contact us at and the team will investigate it. 

Step 3: Your new agency admin will then approve your account if the page has been claimed.

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