Sourcr has default profiles for thousands of recruiters that are ready to be claimed. All you need to do is search for your name on the Sourcr homepage and claim your free profile. It's quick, easy and free!

Step 1: Go to and type your name into the empty search field located in the centre of the page and click 'Find' to generate a page of search results.

Step 2: Look through the search results to find your profile. When you've found your name, just click through to view your page.

Can't find your profile in the search results? No worries! Just get in touch with our team at with your name, email address and agency and we can set everything up for you!

Step 3: Once you're sure it's your page, click the 'Claim This Profile' button to the right to bring up a field where you can login using your Linkedin credentials.

From here you will be brought to a screen as seen below where you are required to enter your LI credentials in order to sign in - and you're done!

For any issues claiming your Sourcr listing please feel free to reach out to the Sourcr team using the chatbot provided and we'll be in touch to get you all set up :)

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